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When It Comes to Sports Spending at CCSU, Football is King

By Tara Lynch

Last week, NBC Connecticut Investigates reported a state audit on the Southern Connecticut State University’s athletic program. Earlier this year, a similar audit was performed on the Central Connecticut State University sports program, for which it received a clean bill of health.


The university spent equitably on men’s and women’s sports in total. Like SCSU, CCSU spends the most money on the football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball teams.

In the 2017 fiscal year, the football program had larger expenses when compared to the basketball programs in the following categories (totals rounded):

  • $57,000-60,000 more on travel costs

  • $62,000-66,000 more on equipment, uniforms and supplies.

  • $11,000-34,000 more on other operating expenses.

Coaching salaries provided the largest gap. The difference between the football and men’s basketball staff spending was almost $163,000. When comparing the football program to the women’s basketball team spending, the difference was $505,000.


The men’s basketball team, however, recorded the largest revenues with 18 percent more than the football team and 70 percent more than the women’s basketball team.


For more information on college athletics spending and funding, click here.

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