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NBC CT reel

Check out my reel from my internship at NBC Connecticut during Summer 2019. I covered various events and stories such as Swab Summer at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, the Ivan Lendl Adaptive Sports Camp, UCONN moving to the Big East Conference, and more!

reporter packages

Uconn moves to the big east

The Huskies accepted the Big East's invitation to move back home and will compete against former rivals such as Villanova and Georgetown.

heat wave on the fourth

Ahead of the July 4 holiday, families are cooling off at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven.

new cadets at the coast guard academy

Tara Lynch reports on the first day of Swab Summer, the 8-week training program new cadets complete before their first year at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

industry changing in Connecticut

News standup and package from my internship with NBC Connecticut News (WVIT). Reporting on parts of the tobacco industry leaving Connecticut while others thrive.

nbc ct anchor read

Anchor read at the NBC CT News Desk at the conclusion of my internship. I was able to practice using the entire A Block of the

11 a.m. news cast from that morning.

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