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Time is the most precious thing we own

There is never enough time in the day for a journalist, especially an MMJ who is responsible for several tasks. Posting stories on the website, sharing content on social media and reporting in the field takes up my time, and sometimes I am so busy I forget to have lunch!

Real story: I was working on a story all day and looked up and saw it was 4 p.m., not a normal lunchtime.

When you are responsible for several tasks it can be challenging to keep track of them, like a juggler trying to keep balls in the air. It is overwhelming at first, but the pace will become more normal overtime. Like a runner training for the Olympics, your endurance will catch up. For me, I entered the race like a sprinter, wanting to jump right in. Having been at WETM for nearly two months, I can say sprinting will tire you out quickly. Enter the race like a marathon runner. Learn at your pace and find your rhythm in the daily routine.

Last week was one of the busiest weeks I have had in my budding career. In the span of four days, I cut six packages and two SOTVOs. In two of those days, I created four packages.

Package: longer story that goes in the newscast where the anchor at the desk tosses to a reporter. The duration is typically 90 seconds.
SOTVO: shorter soundbite a reporter gathers for the newscast from a longer interview. Typically 20 seconds or so.

While this is the norm for most reporters, it was my first time. When Sunday night came and I was off the following day, I crashed. However, I learned a lot about myself in the process.

  1. I can handle a lot of pressure and stress, but deliver a quality end result.

  2. Finding stories with multiple angels can be hard, but worth it for viewers.

  3. Educating viewers is what I love to do.

These three things are inspiring me this week. What is inspiring you? Comment your answers below or Tweet me @18NewsTara.

Any questions? Share them via a comment or message me online!

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